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    Full Circle Movements: connecting to flow through movement and creativity.

  • About Full Circle Movements.

    Empowerment and freedom through movement.

    With both love and joy l offer Full Circle Movements to my community.

    I offer a range of services including:

    *inner dance sessions.

    *1 to 1 shamanic sessions.

    * Access bars treatments.

    *Family constellation work

    I have trained in all the above areas (details with links to teachers below), and l am also fully insured to practice and hold sessions.

    I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my teachers, to Carol Day, a truly inspirational educator for holding the life changing training that has allowed me to embrace my own unique and creative path as a shamanic practitioner.

    To Christopher Boylam for your teachings and love of physical embodiment, for your compassionate heart and patience.

  • Full Circle Movements

    Offerings, classes & workshops

    Inner Dance Sessions

    Inner Dance is an immersive process that allows healing on an individual and collective level. There are no prescribed steps, and full expression is welcome.

    * To be held once monthly in Darlington, 7pm - 9:30pm. Please contact below for further details. 

     Shamanic sessions 

    Shamanic sessions are offered on an individual basis. With the possibility of both small groups and couples.

    Including: soul retrievel, power retrieval, ancestral work, extraction & shamanic depossession.

    We will your arrange session by appointment, following an initial consultation by either phone or Skype if a person to person is not possible.

    Baubo School of Laughter

    Laughter can be one of the most healing medicines. Defusing the egos endless need to judge, compare & control. My muse for the laughter school is Baubo an ancient Greek goddess who played a part in the finding of Persephone, by inducing Demeter to laugh at crude jokes!

    Access Bars 

     Access Bars practitioner 

    Access Bars can be an amazing way to release and transmute old thought patterns, systems and energetic forms that no longer serve us. Tap into your own knowing & abundance with an access bars session.  There are 32 points on the head which are activated throughout the session, often clearing statements may be used to reinforce the work done in the session. 

  • Other information

    Questions you may have...

    What are shamanic treatments?

    Modern day shamanic ways of restoring you to your true and natural state of wholeness. Including soul retrieval, psychopomp work  and ancesteral work. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further  questions.

    Where can l find you?

    I am based in Darlington, County Durham. The majority of my work at present is done here and around the area. Contact me if you require a session out of this area.

    Where are sessions held and prices.

    I practice from home for my shamanic sessions generally.  Inner Dance sessions are held in a community hall (see above).

    Prices as below: 

    Inner dance sessions: £12.

    Shamanic sessions £50 per session. 

    Access Bars Session: £45 per session. 

    Who have you trained with?

    Below are trusted teachers l have trained/ danced with. I invite you to explore what they have to offer, may you find what you are truly searching for! 

    Carol Day: http://www.thelittlereddrum.com

    Christopher Boylam: http://www.northernrootsandwings.com

    Katie Holland: http://www.katie-holland.net/news-and-events/news-events
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    Questions & inquiries